Traffic Surveys

Automatic Vehicle Classification Counts (Tubes)
Classification - per AUSTROADS 1994 Class System Plus Axle Pairs and Speed as required

Vehicle & Pedestrian Movement Surveys

Vehicle and pedestrian utilisation of intersections.

Origin/Destination Surveys

Survey design and management of Number Plate Recording and subsequent matching and analysis. Used to determine travel patterns and travel times in order to assess by-pass options and other significant network adjustmemts. RTA software package NUMPOD is used.

Parking Surveys

Utilisation and turnover parking surveys for both on-street and off-street parking areas.

Travel Time Surveys

A Global Positioning System is used inside our vehicles to record time and location every second. Video and audio data are also recorded for quality assurance and deeper analysis.

OD Survey
Vehicle Movements

Roadside Interviews

NTPE has developed an efficient and effective proceedure for the collection of important road user information which can be critical to the assessment of issues impacting on travel patterns and purposes. These procedures have been based on RTA Guidelines for Roadside Interview Surveys. Drivers are delayed briefly and given a reply paid questionnaire which includes a map of the surrounding road network which assist in the recording of the travel path of the full jouney being undertaken. Surveys have been carried out on both Local and Main Roads in the Hunter and other areas. High response rates have been achieved from these surveys which insures that a representative sample has been obtained.