Intersection performance assessment under traffic signal, roundabout or sign control. Determination of design and operational settings for Traffic Signal control. Reporting of performance measures such and average delay, queue length and level of service.

Metrocount Exec

The data gathered by our vehicle classifier systems is given to our powerful and flexible MetroCount Traffic software.
We can output a vast range of traffic reports. As well as routine traffic volumes, speeds and classes, congestion, traffic density, entering capacity, platooning, traffic calming and more.


Network Economic Evaluation Spreadsheets provide a flexible economic evaluation tool for assessing the viability of road network improvement projects. Output reports provide both tabular and graphical presentations of benefit streams and other performance indicators. Overall travel time and travel distance data is required for the base case and each option being tested. The package includes sensitivity testing based on early or late growth horizons and high and low cost estimates.


Strategic Network Planning for the Lower Hunter area based on predicted LAND Use planning options and major road network improvements.


This RTA Software package provides an efficent and practical tool to analyse origin/destination survey number plate data. Output report provide a useful summary of the travel patterns recorded during the survey